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Auto3000-D   AutoShot 3000-D Automated Candle Pouring System With Digital Timer
Auto4500   AutoShot 4500 Automated Candle Pouring System
Auto9000   AutoShot 9000 Automated, Digital Candle Pouring System with Wand
Beeswax-Liquefier-Melter-1000   Beeswax Liquefier Heated Melting Tank 1000
Beeswax-Liquefier-Melter-150   Beeswax Liquefier Melter 150
Beeswax-Liquefier-Melter-1500   Beeswax Liquefier Melter 1500
Beeswax-Liquefier-Melter-2000   Beeswax Liquefier Melter 2000
Beeswax-Liquefier-Melter-300   Beeswax Liquefier Melter 300
Beeswax-Liquefier-Melter-500   Beeswax Liquefier Melter 500
Beeswax-Liquefier-Melter-700   Beeswax Liquefier Melter 700
BSHB   Boom Swivel Hose Balancer
CANDLECARVING-1   Candle Carving Dip Tank- 1Unit
CandleCarving-4   Candle Carving Dip Tank- 4 Chambers
CandleCarving-6   Candle Carving Dip Tank- 6 Chambers
CandleCarving-8   Candle Carving Dipping Tank- 8 Chambers
CandleCarve-12   Candle Carving Tank- 12 Chambers
Candle-Carving-Tank-C   Candle Carving Tank-Custom Designed
Cheese-Wax-Dip-Tank--Custom   Cheese Wax Dipping Tank-Custom Designed
KET-C   Custom Designed Kettles
WJM-C   Custom Designed Melting & Heating Tank or Pot
Depilatory-Wax-1   Depilatory Wax Melter Pot 1
Depilatory-Wax-2   Depilatory Wax Melter Pot 2
Dip-Tank-1   Dip Tank- Single Unit
Dip-Tank-4   Dip Tank-4 Chamber Unit
Dip-Tank-12   Dipping Tank- 12 Chamber Unit
Dip-Tank-6   Dipping Tank- 6 Chamber Unit
Dip-Tank-8   Dipping Tank- 8 Chamber Unit
Dip-Tank--Custom   Dipping Tank-Custom Designed
EZCHH   EZ Custom Heated Hose
EZ POUR 2400   EZ POUR 2400 Candle Pouring System
EF-800   EZ-1 GPM Wax Dispensing System
EZ-MIX100   EZ-MIX100 Agitator Blender Mixer With Hinged Lid
EZ-MIX1000   EZ-MIX1000 Agitator Blender Mixer With Hinged Lid
EZ-MIX350   EZ-MIX350 Agitator Blender Mixer With Hinged Lid
EZ-MIX500   EZ-MIX500 Agitator Blender Mixer With Hinged Lid
EF-800 SS   EZ-SS Stainless Steel Honey Dispensing System
EF-1200T   EZ-T 1200 Wax Transfer System
Flat-Tray-Dip-Tank--Custom   Flat Tray Dipping Tank-Custom Designed
H2O-Cat   H2O Catalyst
Honey-Bottler-Beeswax-700   Honey Bottler & Beeswax Melter 700
Honey-Bottler-Beeswax-100   Honey Bottler & Beeswax Melter 100
Honey-Bottler-Beeswax-1000   Honey Bottler & Beeswax Melter 1000
Honey-Bottler-Beeswax-150   Honey Bottler & Beeswax Melter 150
Honey-Bottler-Beeswax-1500   Honey Bottler & Beeswax Melter 1500
Honey-Bottler-Beeswax-200   Honey Bottler & Beeswax Melter 200
Honey-Bottler-Beeswax-2000   Honey Bottler & Beeswax Melter 2000
Honey-Bottler-Beeswax-500   Honey Bottler & Beeswax Melter 500
Honey-Bottler-Beeswax-300   Honey Bottler Beeswax Melter 300
Honey-Decrystallizer-I   Honey Decrystallizer I
Honey-Decrystallizer-II   Honey Decrystallizer II
Honey-Decrystallizer-IV   Honey Decrystallizer IV
Honey-Decrystallizer-VI   Honey Decrystallizer VI
LPD-C   LPD-Custom Laboratory Paraffin Dispenser
LPD10   LPD10 Laboratory Paraffin Dispenser
LPD18   LPD18 Laboratory Paraffin Dispenser
DH-M   Metal Drum Pail Heater
AutoVIII   OCTO - 8 Valved Automated Wax Dispensing Machine
PD16 Direct Heat Melter   PD16 LB Direct Heat Wax Melter
PD40 Direct Heat Melter   PD40 LB Direct Heat Wax Melter
PD7 Direct Heat Melter   PD7 LB Direct Heat Wax Melter
PG16 Gel Melting Tank   PG16 LB Gel Melting Tank
PG40 Gel Melting Tank   PG40 LB Gel Melting Tank
PG7 Gel Melting Tank   PG7 LB Gel Melting Tank
DH-P   Plastic Drum Pail Heater
Wax-Hands-X-Press   Portable Wax Hands Cart With 5 Chambers for 180lbs of Wax
PX2000   Pour X-Press 2000: The Candle Making Combo
PX3000   Pour X-Press 3000: Complete Candle Making Machine on Wheels
PX4500   Pour X-Press 4500: Complete Candle Making Machine on Wheels
PX9000   Pour X-Press 9000: Complete Candle Making Machine on Wheels
PRIMO-100-WAX-MELTER   PRIMO 100 Wax Melter
PRIMO-100X-WAX-MELTER   PRIMO 100 X-Treme Wax Melter
PRIMO-1000-WAX-MELTER   PRIMO 1000 Wax Melter
PRIMO-1000X-WAX-MELTER   PRIMO 1000 X-Treme Wax Melter
PRIMO 10000 WAX MELTER   PRIMO 10000 Wax Melter
PRIMO 12000 WAX MELTER   PRIMO 12000 Wax Melter
PRIMO-150-WAX-MELTER   PRIMO 150 Wax Melter
PRIMO-150X-WAX-MELTER   PRIMO 150 X-Treme Wax Melter
PRIMO-1500-WAX-MELTER   PRIMO 1500 Wax Melting Tank
PRIMO-1500X-WAX-MELTER   PRIMO 1500 X-Treme Wax Melter
PRIMO-15000-WAX-MELTER   PRIMO 15000 Wax Melter
PRIMO-2000-WAX-MELTER   PRIMO 2000 Wax Melter
PRIMO-2000X-WAX-MELTER   PRIMO 2000 X-Treme Melting Tank
PRIMO-25X-WAX-MELTER   PRIMO 25 X-Treme Wax Melter
PRIMO-250-WAX-MELTER   PRIMO 250 Wax Melter
PRIMO-250X-WAX-MELTER   PRIMO 250 X-Treme Wax Melter
PRIMO-350-WAX-MELTER   PRIMO 350 Wax Melter
PRIMO-350X-WAX-MELTER   PRIMO 350 X-Treme Wax Melter
PRIMO-50X-WAX-MELTER   PRIMO 50 X-Treme Wax Melter
PRIMO 500 Wax Melter   PRIMO 500 Wax Melter
PRIMO-500X-Wax-Melter   PRIMO 500 X-Treme Wax Melter
PRIMO 5000 WAX MELTER   PRIMO 5000 Wax Melter
PRIMO-75X-WAX-MELTER   PRIMO 75 X-Treme Wax Melter
PRIMO-750-WAX-MELTER   PRIMO 750 Wax Melter
PRIMO-750X-WAX-MELTER   PRIMO 750 X-Treme Melting Tank
PRIMO 7500 WAX MELTER   PRIMO 7500 Wax Melter
PW100 Water Jacket Melter   PW 100 LB Water Jacket Wax Melter
PW1000 Water Jacket Melter   PW 1000 LB Water Jacket Wax Melter
PW150 Water Jacket Melter   PW 150 LB Water Jacket Wax Melter
PW200 Water Jacket Melter   PW 200 LB Water Jacket Wax Melter
PW300 Water Jacket Melter   PW 300 LB Water Jacket Wax Melter
PW500 Water Jacket Melter   PW 500 LB Water Jacket Wax Melter
PW70 Water Jacket Melter   PW 70 LB Water Jacket Wax Melter
PW750 Water Jacket Melter   PW 750 LB Water Jacket Wax Melter
AutoIV   QUATTRO- 4 Headed Automated Wax Filling Machine
Repair   Repair
RH1500   Replacement Immersion Heater 1500W
RH1700   Replacement Immersion Heater 1700W
RH2000   Replacement Immersion Heater 2000W
RH3000   Replacement Immersion Heater 3000W
RH4500   Replacement Immersion Heater 4500W
Beeswax-Slab-Melter   Slab Melting Tank
SNAP-Filter   SNAP Wax Filter
Shipping-Upgrade   Standard Overnight
ST14   Storage Tank 14G
ST25   Storage Tank 25G
ST50   Storage Tank 50G
ST83   Storage Tank 83G
Wax-Hands-Equipment-Custom   Wax Hands Equipment Custom Made
Wax-Hands-Machine   Wax Hands Machine 5 Chambers for 305lbs of Wax
Wax-Hands-Tank-4   Wax Hands Machine- Table Top Under Counter 4 Chambers for 96lbs of Wax
Wax-Hands-Tank-Table-Top5   Wax Hands Machine- Table Top Under Counter 5 Unit for 180lbs of Wax
Wax-Hands-Tank-1-Chamber   Wax-Hands-Tank-1-Chamber
ZAP HBV   ZAP Heated Ball Valve
ZAP-PVH   ZAP-Pipe & Valve Heater
ZAP-VH   ZAP-Valve Heater

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