WaxMelters Equipment is MADE IN THE USA
WaxMelters is proud to manufacture the highest quality and most efficient industrial wax melting and filling equipment in the USA

All Equipment is Made from USA High Grade 304 Stainless Steel that is Melted and Manufactured in the USA
Free of Mercury Contamination

Free of Radioactive Contamination

Free of Lead Contamination

WaxMelters PRIMO Melting Tanks are the World's Fastest, Even Heating, Energy Efficient Digitally Controlled Melters


Water Jacketed 1000 Melter = 9000W


PRIMO 1000 Melter = 1800W

PRIMO Melters have permanent heating elements and are 2-3 Times FASTER

Revolutionary, Disruptive Technology Leader Transforming Industrial Thermal Engineering

The 21st century has arrived with WaxMelters Revolutionary Professional Equipment. Now you can Melt FASTER AND Save Energy. You can utilize the most Precise Digitally Controlled Heating with NO replacements. Enjoy the EASIEST color and scent changes and Clean-Up with our Proprietary Stainless Steel Inner Surface. All PRIMO Melters are fully insulated with Round Inside and Square Outside to fit in all your spaces.

You and your business cannot afford to settle for anything less. Join our worldwide customer base and choose WaxMelters for your Industrial Melting and Filling Equipment that will Maximize your Production.