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No More Waiting!

 ZAP HEATERS Heat Your Ball Valve or Any Valve Fast & Easy
ZAP Heaters quickly and safely heat your plastic or metal valve, nozzle, joint or piping.
Quickly & Easily Attaches To Where You Need Heat.
Heater for heating valves, pipes, nozzles, joints and connectorsZap Valve Heater for heating metal and plastic valves up to 1.5" diameter ZAP Pipe Heater for heating pipes up to 5" diameter
Top View- with Switch & FuseSide View- with Clamps for mounting
 Just Plug It In & ZAP! The Area Is Heated.  No Mess or Fuss.

 Save Time & Improve Your Production Today!

Heat Your Ball Valve or Any Valve Fast & Easy With ZAP Heater

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ZAP Valve Heater
ZAP-Valve Heater
Price: $180.00
In Stock

ZAP Valve Heater attaches to any valve up to 1.5" for fast heating of plastic valves, piping and anything requiring heat.

No More Waiting For Heat!
Fast Melting Heated Ball Valve.
ZAP Heated Ball Valve
Price: $195.00
In Stock

Fast Melting Heated 1" Ball Valve! Other sizes available

No More Waiting For The Candle Wax In Your Valves To Melt!
ZAP Pipe & Valve Heater
ZAP-Pipe & Valve Heater
Price: $495.00
In Stock

Pipe & Valve Heater Fits on up to 5" valve or pipe and heats up to 400 degrees F

No More Waiting For Heat!

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