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There has to be a better way!

Over 20 years ago, in Seattle, Washington, when Microsoft, Amazon, Starbucks and many other businesses were revolutionizing their industries, we also knew there had to be a better way to melt and pour wax than using 50 year old technology (now 70+ years). It was at that time that the WaxMelters team set out to apply advanced technology and innovation that would revolutionize the wax melting world by efficiently and quickly melting wax while reducing waste and, as a result, save time and money.

With the rise of the internet in the 1990s, WaxMelters.com was created. Spearheaded by a strong team of business professionals and technicians, WaxMelters quickly became the industry leader for all melting and filling equipment by adopting the same philosophy of superior craftsmanship and pioneering innovative methods as other Seattle businesses.

Eventually there was an opportunity to expand and better serve our domestic & international clients by relocating to New York State's emerging industrial hub in Suffolk County. We combined our pioneering & enterprising West Coast backgrounds with the determined New York State mentality to strive for excellence. To this day, WaxMelters designs and consistently improves equipment based on customer feedback and technological advancements to consistently upgrade and improve equipment.

For over 20 years WaxMelters.com has been setting a higher standard for professional melting and filling equipment in all industries. There are NO comparisons... just aspiring imitators as evidenced by our name WaxMelters being so duplicated. When you purchase a WaxMelters product you can be reassured that you have aligned your business with the world's finest, revolutionary energy efficient professional equipment along with the most supportive customer service team to guide you as you grow your business and maximize your production.

Along with supplying wax melting tanks and candle making equipment to some of the largest companies in the world, WaxMelters also supplies melting tanks and wax filling equipment to Federal and State government agencies, public and private universities, hospitals, and non-for-profits, as well as Fortune 500 companies.

WaxMelters proudly supplies equipment to the following companies:

When you invest in your business by purchasing WaxMelters professional melting tanks and filling systems, you can be confident that your new equipment will increase your productivity and allow you to focus more on growing your business.

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