These pieces of equipment are critical to our current project. Thank you WaxMelters for all your efforts and meeting our procurement schedule...We are now buying an additional Primo wax melter and dispensing system. Thank you.

Jessica C. NASA - Marshall Space Flight Center


My AUTOSHOT & Primo150 are the highest quality in the industry!

It is so important to my small business to have suppliers I can rely on and that have my back! WaxMelters equipment has been a worthy investment For my growing business, MJ's Herbals Organic Skincare. It feels great knowing my production equipment is the highest quality in the industry. I upgraded to using the wax melter, hose and autoshot setup for several years now and it has held up to constant use. I especially like the round interior of the melter for easy sanitizing. I also find it easier to operate on my own that my previous equipment I can produce a run of 2,000 jars on my own in a few hours. Scott and John's personal attention gave me confidence that I was in good hands and they provided amazing customer service. They kept me up to date on the progress and shipped it very quickly, several days earlier than expected.
Thank you!

MJ M. MJ'S Herbals®

It's Really Spectacular... This Is A Great, Superbly Made Piece Of Professional Equipment.

I had seen and used homemade soap/wax melters before, made of "presto pots" and some fittings from Home Depot, but had never used one of these professional pieces of equipment. It's really spectacular... I made three batches... each with different colors and scents, in about 25 minutes. I could have easily done double that amount with just a little bit more time... I wiped the melt pot out with a paper towel, and was able to immediately refill it with more melted soap base. I'm not exaggerating when I say "immediately..." The time is not in the coloring and pouring; it only takes a few minutes to pour a dozen soaps. Where the time is spent is in waiting for the soap base to melt - putting it in the microwave, stirring it, heating it, stirring it, heating it. Etc. Having a pot of completely melted soap base that you can just pour into your melt pot cuts an amazing amount of time out of the soap making process. Additionally, the soap was always at exactly the right temperature. I never had to wait for it to melt some more, worry if it was too hot, or put it back into the microwave to re-melt it. It was always "just right..." This is a great, superbly made piece of professional equipment.

David Fisher, About.com Guide to Candle & Soap

PRIMO 2000

Impressed with melter's performance & your customer service!

Thank you so much for the efforts of the entire WaxMelters team and for your personal involvement and caring. Very impressed with your customer service and the Primo2000 wax melter's performance. This tank has been working as advertised. The previous tank [from another company] could not melt the wax bricks at a rate even half to this one. We will add a second tank soon.

Gene R. Seaman Paper

PX 3000

WAXMELTERS stands behind their products!

I can't say enough about how accommodating WaxMelters was. They stood behind their product. I ordered the PX 3000 but during shipping the machine was damaged, outside and internally. WaxMelters built me a new improved machine and Brian personally came and delivered it with his own truck. I can't thank them enough.

Edye D. Edye's Naturals


As Good As It Gets!

As an operations officer with a candle company I have the challenge of managing growth. We were very desperate for a tool that would provide flexibility during slow times and performance during our peek demand. We could not be happier with our partnership with Waxmelters and the great performance offered by the Autoshot system. Without the autoshot system in our facility we would have had extreme backorders and labor costs that would have been very detrimental to our success. Thanks again for the great product and support!

Kevin P. Scentsy


A company who knows how to take care of its customers

Again, thank you for your help. It is always refreshing to deal with a company who knows how to take care of their customers. Have a great day.

Ben S. Paraffin International Inc. (gLOVE Treat/Parasilk)



We were so pleased with our melting tank from WaxMelters, that we ordered another melter the same exact day! It worked that good. We have purchased many mleting tanks over the years and believe WaxMelters's to be the best. Also, the customer service is the BEST I have ever worked with!

Jim J.C. Danczak, Inc.

PRIMO 500 & EZ-1 GPM

Don't Take Chances With Your Candle Business!

I purchased a melter from a well known company which advertises everywhere, especially on the web and usually ranks on top the search engines. I thought I could save a few dollars, but guess what happened when my melter actually caught on fire? Yes, the melter control box caught fire! Not once but actually twice! Even after I sent it back for repair. My whole warehouse almost caught fire. Imagine if I didn't have a warehouse and was working from my home? I jeopardized my company and employees. I lost months of production and had nothing but aggrevations all because I bought an inferior product. They waited weeks to get back to me. Even after I had to pay for shipping to have the burned melter repaired, it caught fire again! I complained but no one cared enough to help me with my defective melter. I didn't get a refund. Nothing. This company still advertises these same melters which caught on fire! Did this well known company which advertises everywhere even have insurance for the damages? No! I lost so much money and time and was left with only a burned up melter. Think you found a better way? I won't take any more chances with my business. From now on, I only purchase superior melters from WaxMelters.

David V. KISS Candle Co.


AUTOSHOT3000 has the specs and quality we expected!

It's been a pleasure doing business with you and look forward to work with you guys in the future as well. The equipment has the specs and quality we expected it to have and appreciate your cooperation. Once again, appreciate you guys working overtime to get our order in place and special thanks to Justin for answering any questions I and my team had. Have a great weekend!

Rahul B. Korona Candles Inc.



We started up our XX Treme melter today and love it. So much better and safer than our old method which was gas... Again, love the machine

Robert G. Thomas Grozier & Son P.L. - Australia


EZ-Gel Dispensing System - what a GREAT PRODUCT!

I just want to tell you what a great product you have. It has really made our job easier. Thank you for all of your help!

Becky R. Loftus International



I wanted to pass on a little note regarding the customization work you did to our little Primo50... IT'S FANTASTIC!!! It worked like a charm. :-)) - we were caught off-guard and had to scramble to keep up with it…The ball valve heater worked like a charm…The pump is really excellent! It started pumping right away and with a nice even flow. The handgun is pressure sensitive so I can easily control the wax flow by feathering the trigger (very, very nice and better than what I expected). Lastly, it doesn't blow and splatter a bunch of air when the wax began running out. The pump just continued to pump the material without creating a big splatter mess. Awesome. I'm a happy camper! - It goes without saying that we can fill tins in less time. It takes us 15 minutes to do what used to take us 45 minutes. AND, that was just the first day. I appreciate all your effort! Thanks guys!

Thomas C. Purely Wax Werks

AUTOSHOT 3000, PRIMO 1000 & EZ-1 GPM


My name is Mike Stanovich from Air-Care in Las Vegas, NV. We have been using your products for over 12 years and find them to be indispensable. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Mike S. Air-Care

PX 2000 & PX 3000

With Pour X-Press, Now Our Production is At Least Doubled

I just wanted to let you know how much we love the Auto Shot package we ordered. We used to pour our wax melts by hand and couldn't get more than 800 done in a day. Now our production is at least doubled. The machines are easy to set up and very easy to use. Our finished product is also cleaner because there is very little dripage from the gun. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that asked. We will definitely be ordering more!

Tyson K. Candle Warmers, Etc.


What Used To Take Me Hours, Now Takes Me Minutes! Love It!!

Thanks so much for your prompt replacement of the melter - it works fabulously, and is the correct voltage now. It has cut my candlemaking time way down. What used to take me hours, now takes me minutes! Love it!! I will recommend your company to other candle makers.

Sonja M. Green Scents Pure Soy Candles - Australia


Why Choose WaxMelters?

To Maximize Your Production, Productivity & Save TIME, ENERGY, and MONEY!

WaxMelters is the Industry Leader for Innovative, Industrial Wax Melters, Melting Tanks, Candle Making Equipment, Dip & Slab Tanks, Heated Filling Systems, and Wax Hands Machines. WaxMelters revolutionized the industry and the boundaries of thermal engineering to create innovative industrial equipment that forever changed molten processing (how companies heat, melt, and pour materials) to be Faster and Energy Efficient while Reducing Waste so you Save Time, Energy, and Money! PRIMO Melters have 2-3X+ FASTER Melting using 50% LESS Electricity!

For over 25 years WaxMelters.com has been setting a higher standard for innovative, industrial melting and filling equipment in all industries. WaxMelters exists on the forefront of innovation applying systems thinking approach to solving the world's problems. We all know that energy consumption is MORE expensive and availability is challenged globally so we sought out to invent a way to heat and melt materials FASTER 2-3X+ (save time - the most precious commodity) and do it as efficiently as possible drawing LESS THAN HALF of the power of the "conventional" (save energy and money - finite, scarce resources).

There are NO comparisons... just aspiring imitators as evidenced by our name WaxMelters, our logo, our product names, images, domain names, tag lines, etc. being so duplicated. There are NO competitors in performance and quality with WaxMelters Melting Tanks, Wax Melters, Dip & Slab Tanks, Pouring & Filling Systems, Candle Making Equipment, and Wax Hand Machines for all your Heating, Melting, and Filling requirements. Our family of customers trusts and uses WaxMelters as they benefit from cutting-edge technology and reliable support for all their production needs. Why should your business settle for anything less?

Utimately, WaxMelters’ innovative approach to thermal engineering has transformed industrial molten processes, making them faster, more efficient, and environmentally conscious. When you purchase a WaxMelters product you can be reassured that you have aligned your business with the world's finest, revolutionary, innovative energy efficient industrial equipment along with the most supportive customer service team to guide you as you grow your business and maximize your production and productivity.

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