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"Just Set It... Forget It" Candle Making Technology- No Triggers or Buttons To Press!

WaxMelters Is The Industry Leader For Innovative Candle Pouring & Filling Systems
Fast, Heated, Precise, Digitally Controlled, Easy 1 Person Operation Without Drips or Bubbles
Simple, Easy ONE Person Operation for Fast, Controlled, Heated Candle Wax Filling - No Triggers or Buttons To Press!
"Just Set It... Forget It" Innovative Automated Filling Technology To Save You TIME, ENERGY, and MONEY!
Precisely Measured, Even & Automated "On" & "Off" Wax Dispensing
The Beauty of Hand Pouring with the Speed, Precision and Efficiency of Automated Manufacturing
Works great from wickless flameless wax (melting point of 90ºF/32C), to organic waxes like soy (mp 120º-125ºF/50C) to beeswax (mp 155º-170ºF/71C) and up to paraffin, palm oil and gels (mp 170º-212ºF/95C)
The remarkable microchip processor ensures automated, mistake free, quick and uniform dispensing and filling with perfect quality control
Dispenses A Smooth Stream of Wax with No Splashing, Bubbles or Dripping
Fast Batch Changes Without Cross-Contamination of Colors, Scents or Waxes
Cleaning is simple since unit practically cleans itself with the proprietary combination of fully heated internal components designed to withstand dyes and fragrances
Sleek, ergonomic profile, yet industrial for commercial 24/7 production schedules
Connects To Any Existing Melting Tanks
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AutoShot 3000 Automated, Heated Wax Pouring System

AutoShot 3000

Fully Automated Heated Wax Pouring System

"Just Set It... Forget It" Innovative Automated Filling Technology For ONE Person Operation!

You Choose -> SINGLE Precise Shots or CONTINUOUS "On" & "Off" Cycles - No Buttons to Press!

Ideal for Precise, Fast, Controlled, Heated Filling With No Drips or Bubbles!

Connects Directly to Any Existing Melting Tank Valve

Price: $7,695.00
In Stock