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PX 2000 

The PX 2000 is AMAZING!

Had a fun weekend of candle making. This thing [PX2000] is AMAZING! Thank you!

Nick L. ET Scent


NASA Approved!

NASA/MSFC has the requirement for a Wax Melter, Pump and Transfer System with custom upgrades and has accepted WaxMelters equipment based on technical acceptability, schedule and price.

Steven S. NASA - Marshall Space Flight Center

PX 3000

UNBELIEVABLE Customer Service and Equipment!

Thank you for the UNBELIEVABLE customer support! We really appreciate it!

Marie-Pier B & Audreanne G. Les Produits Maree - Quebec, Canada


Awesome Quattro! 

Excellent Customer Service!

Thank you and your team so much! I cannot tell you how awesome the Quattro is! Excellent customer service!

Ben S. Paraffin International Inc.

PX 2000

WOW! Thanks for the great service!

Wow, thanks for the detailed information and getting back to me so quickly! Thanks again for the great service!

Cory M.Body Bliss

AUTOSHOT 3000, PRIMO 250 & 


We are DEVOTED to WaxMelters!

We love our AutoShot & Primo Melting Tanks! Thank you from a DEVOTED Candle Maker Customer!

THANK YOU WaxMelters!

Laura D.Simple Things/Whitewater Candle Co - Ontario, CANADA

PRIMO150 & EZ-T Wax Transfer System

Extremely Pleased with our Purchase!

Hi John - you are a STAR! Thank you for your great service! Both melters have been working VERY WELL and we are EXTREMELY pleased with our purchase! Stay safe.

Kevin A. Spectrum Crayons & Markers - New Zealand



Our Autoshot is EXCELLENT!

Thank you!

Brian G. Badass Beard Care


I LOVE my PRIMO 100!

I have had my Primo 100 Wax Melter for several years and LOVE it!!!

Carol H.

Swinging Gate Farm

PRIMO 150 & EZ-1 GPM

Primo Tank & EZ-1 are Central Part of our Production!

A few years ago I bought a Primo Melting Tank and the EZ-1 Dispensing System which are working great and have been a central part of our production here. Thank you!

David S.Candle Cavern - United Kingdom


I AM IN LOVE with this Melter! WOW!

Thank you so much Scott for this info and your help this morning. I AM IN LOVE with this melter! WOW! I already made a batch of soap. This is going to be such a game changer for me. Thank you again.

Carole H.Bodacious Bubbles - B.C. CANADA



We love our AutoShot! We will also be getting a second melter and another AutoShot later this year. Everyone is happy with using the equipment.

THANK YOU WaxMelters!

Bryce L. Rogue Ryder Inc.

PRIMO 350 & EZ-1 GPM

Great Equipment and Excellent Service!

Thanks very much! It is so very kind of you to do this! Have a wonderful weekend!

Gifty S.Shea Butter Market/Baraka Supplies - Vancouver, Canada


Your Wonderful Products are Worth their Weight in GOLD!

We are so grateful that we found out about you guys! Your products are literally helping us realize our dream of independence and buying groceries and paying bills without week to week financial worry and we are happy to clue in others like us. Your WONDERFUL products are worth their weight in GOLD!!!

Phoebe B.

Raleigh, NC

PRIMO 250 & EZ-1 GPM

Great Reliable Products and Service!

We purchased our Primo Melter and EZ system from Melting & Filling Equipment for our ointment and balm business. We are more than satisfied with the system and hope to purchase more this year! The whole system is easy to clean and handle. We had no trouble dealing with Customs and Excise and only paid a small import levy. We have been more than satisfied with the communication and friendly service that we received from the other side of the world- and would happily recommend Melting And Filling Equipment, Inc. to anyone seeking great reliable products and good service.

Rowena Herbs From Wales - UNITED KINGDOM


Love my Melter! Thank You 1 Million Times!

Thank you 1 million times for getting back to me today! You cannot even imagine how much I appreciate you getting back to me on the weekend!

Tricia L. T. Lees Soap Co. - Quebec, Canada

PRIMO 1000 & PRIMO 2000

The Primo 1000 & Primo 2000 are VITAL to our Wax Melt Production

Our Production is at least DOUBLED!

We love the Primo1000 & Primo2000 we ordered. They are definitely speeding up our wax melt production and have worked great since we have had them. Now our production is at least doubled. They are easy to set up and extremely easy to use. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that asked. Thank you!

Tyson K. Candle Warmers Etc.


Fantastic Customer Service!

Thanks for the fantastic service - you guys have been great... WaxMelters really goes beyond their call of duty to provide the finest service and the best melting tanks. Many thanks and kind regards for the best customer service and support.

Craig M. William Hodgson & Co. - UNITED KINGDOM


AutoShot 3000 - It is Functioning Fantastic!

The machine it is functioning fantastic we are very happy to say, This is a beautiful machine & thanks for you & engineering team!

Shankar C.T. Sutures India Pvt. Ltd. - INDIA


It Works SO WELL!

My parcel arrived in UK in very good condition. Thank you. We easily put all the parts together and "crossed our fingers" as we plugged it into the electric supply...it worked! YIPPEE!!! We melted and poured some wax...it works so well! Thank you all very much for your help and the positive results!

Jacqui B. J and T Blackman Ltd. - United Kingdom


Melting Tank is FAST and EFFICIENT!

EXACTLY as Advertised!

WaxMelters customized our extreme tank exactly the way we needed it. This Primo2000 is even better than we hoped. Now I know our business will grow! This tank melts fast and requires very little power and is exactly what your website and technicians told me. I could not believe it until I started using it. We are ordering another large tank very soon.

Tom B. Wholistic Botanicals


Machine has been working properly! Appreciate your support!

I very much appreciate your support. The [EZ -1 High Viscosity System} machine has been working properly! Thank you for your help!

Ryan L. Atmospheric Essentials

PRIMO 150 & EZ FLO 2400

Earned A Lifetime Customer!!!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you- you are truly a pleasure to do business with. You have just earned another lifetime customer. I look forward to working with you and your staff as my new company continues to grow. Thank you for your impeccable customer service!!

Shannon D. Pure Light Candle Company

PX 3000

Fantastic Customer Service and Equipment!

This PX3000 is greatly helpful in maximizing our infused edibles production! Thank you. I appreciate your quick and comprehensive service.

Jennifer S. CODA Signature

PRIMO 350, PRIMO 150, & PRIMO 50

We LOVE our wax melters!

We LOVE our wax melters!

Rob K. Dr K Soap Company

PX 2000 CUSTOM with 12FT Hose & Primo 250


All is great with the equipment we purchased. The portable pouring system with the computer chip is a beautiful machine. I meant to thank you in my previous email today for working with us on this equipment purchase and having it ready. With our growth, more equipment is right around the corner. Possibly we could explore potential areas where we could work together on business development as more pouring equipment will be needed soon in order to keep up with growth.

Ryan T. Candela Lumen

Dip Tank with Custom Dip Basket

WaxMelters, You Are Truly The BEST!

This is amazing! Thank you! You are truly the best!

Leni G. Inclusion Powell River


Our QUATTRO has Excellent Results for Pouring Glycerin Soap!

Good day! In last November, we bought from you a Quattro machine, the results of the performance in my process are excellent, I am producing soap from glycerin. We want to purchase another [multi-valve] filling system.

Due to the necessity in my process, I ask you to produce a custom machine for us with 6 nozzles, and with nozzles that can be made adjustable, close or far from each other, and the hose to connect the pump with the filler about 2 meters apart. And at the end we want the vessel to keep the soap before the pump. We want it to produce about 100 liters of soap.

Thank you.

[WaxMelters built the fully automated custom filling system per their specs and improved upon their requests and Bradford Soap is very pleased with the equipment and their increased soap production]

Alberto R. Bradford Soap


So GRATEFUL for this Melter!

I am so GRATEFUL for this Melter! Thank you!

Daniel B. Bee the Light Chandlers LLC


We have 10 Primo Melters!

We have 10 Primo Melters and all our units are functioning EXCELLENTLY!

Jon S. Holland Group LLC


Our Primo50X Works Great!

We have been using your wax melter to hand dip our whiskey bottles and it works great. Thanks!

Matt J. Journeyman Distillery


This is our THIRD Purchase with WaxMelters!

This is our third purchase with WaxMelters. Our units are functioning within optimal parameters! Thank you.

David S. (Engineer)Firmenich


I Really Am Amazed How Well It Works...

To be quite honest I was a little skeptical about the quick heat up for the vat that you guys made for us. I really am amazed how well it works and I'm very pleased with the quality. It exceeded my expectations!

Bill N. Holland House Candles

PRIMO 350 & PRIMO 100

WaxMelters - You Are Awesome!

This is our second purchase with you guys. Excellent equipment - there is NO better out there. You are awesome!

Pete E. Shining Sol Candle Company

PRIMO 100 & Primo 50

Still So HAPPY 8 Years Later!

We are still so happy with the (2) Primo50 melters we bought from you 8 years ago for our soy candle making! We have just branched out with beeswax and our business is growing and now we are buying a bigger tank [Primo 100]! Thanks!

Glenn C.. Madeline Island Candles

PRIMO 100 & EZ-1 GPM

Increased Production 50% the First Day!

Reduced our Waste and Clean-up by 75%!

We purchased the EZ Filling System and increased our production 50% the first day! Reduced our waste & clean up by 75%. The EZ filling system virtually eliminated wrist and shoulder soreness with its aero-dynamic design. The system has met and exceeded our expectations- it is of great value.

Ellen Kay R. New Boston Candle

Wax Hands Machine

Excellent Condition!

I want to Thank You for all your support with the purchase of the Wax Hands Machine. I received it and everything came in excellent condition! Thanks again for all your help!

Hazel A. Condominio Miramar - El Salvador


SUPER Customer Service!

I arrived home yesterday to find my melter already delivered - FABULOUS! Thank you so much for your SUPER customer service!

Sally D. Sydney, AUSTRALIA


A Company We Can Trust!

I am so glad that we've finally found the melting system we'd been looking for, not only the product, but also as a company that we really can trust. Thank you for your kind help and we hope to keep in touch for years!

Jun Y. Shizuku - JAPAN


AWESOME Company!

Not long ago I started a candle company and quickly realized that I was going to need a "grown up" melter to meet demand. After a ton of research I bought a PRIMO melter from Waxmelters. I was a little nervous about using it, because it is a serious piece of equipment. It took about five minutes to figure it out, and I was using it to make large batches of candles immediately. This melter is a great piece of equipment and worth every cent I paid. It doesn't just stop at the equipment though; I had some newbie questions as time went on and I was producing more product. I have contacted the company two or three times to have my questions answered, and was never once treated like my questions were unreasonable. Each time I contacted them, I spoke with someone who knew the answer to my questions right off the bat, and I was always given a friendly, detailed, extremely well-informed response. Today I spoke with someone in sales named Dani, and she was wonderful. She knew the product inside and out and provided me with intelligent and helpful assistance. I have never dealt with a company like this before, and I wish I knew more candlers so I could tell them about it. I won't deal with any other company for my melter needs again. Awesome company!

Tamsin H. Molly Dove Candles


I KISSED My Melter!

I kissed my melter....Thank you!!!!!!!! I sincerely do not know how I did without one! What took me a full day, now takes under one hour, thank you for giving me and my family my weekends back! Sincerely with much respect, Jenny.

Jenny W. HB Wax Manufacturing Inc. - Ontario, CANADA


Great Products and Service!

The People at WaxMelters are the BEST!

We purchased the 150lbs tank several years ago. This is the best thing we could have done for our company. This melter has made our life so much better. Have it on a timer. We can come into the company in the morning, the wax is ready, and pour 25 to 30 cases in a couple hours, load it up and be ready for the next day. What a time saver. The people at WaxMelters are the best. We will go here first when we are ready for another melter.

Kent J. Black Crow Candle Company

Portable Wax Hands

Our Experience with WaxMelters has been Exceptional!

We are in Armstrong British Columbia . A long way and a whole different country from your order desk. So we ordered a wax melter and your employee Dani was the one who facilitated this for us. Numerous long distance phone calls from us with thousands of questions, but Dani was always able to be efficient, courteous , and helpful. Not only did she call to make sure that the wax melter had arrived, she even went above and beyond her job to call us back to make sure that Yes the shipment had arrived. Due to a time constraint ,we needed to know quickly where, and how we could purchase wax for our wax melter , and once again Dani came through for us with shining colors by sending us a e-mail with contact info on several wax dealers. Our machine somehow had lost it’s instructions in transit. Dani was able to send us new instructions so we could get to work sooner rather than later. In closing I would just like to say that our experience with Wax Melters has been exceptional, and we feel it’s mainly do to your very efficient polite enthusiastic employees. Thank you from all of us at the IPE we've finally found the melting system we'd been looking for, not only the product, but also as a company that we really can trust. Thank you for your kind help and we hope to keep in touch for years!

Terry H. Interior Provincial Exhibition - B.C., CANADA


Our PRIMO 75 is a Huge Part of our GROWTH!

We’re growing FAST and that Primo75lb melter is a huge piece of it…we will most likely need one before the end of the year. Thanks!

Dave D. Dilo Home


If We Need Another Wax Melter You Will Be The First We Call

You can be assured if we need another wax melter you will be the first we call. I have also referred a couple folks who might be in the market for one to your organization.

Sheri K. Honey Glow Farm

Primo 150 & AUTOSHOT 3000

AMAZING Equipment!

Hi Scott

Georgina here from New Zealand.

Thank you so much for your [equipment set-up] help on your Friday evening, my Saturday morning here in NZ.

Everything worked fine after our conversation and I felt much more confident in using the equipment.

I mentioned to you on the phone that I could see that when things were up and running the equipment would be amazing. AND IT WAS!

I couldn't have done it though without your help. Thanks for your patience and I truly appreciate how you helped me through it all.

Sincerest thanks, Georgina

Georgina L. Archeus Ltd. - NEW ZEALAND


7 Years and Going Strong

I've had my unit for 7 years now and it's still going strong. I think it's time I bought another one, so I don't have to clear it out when I switch between candle wax, white or clear soap bases. I love that I can turn it on, set the temperature and get to work as soon as my bases are liquefied!

Lisa C. Feto Soap


Wonderful Products Worth Their Weight in GOLD!

We are just grateful that we found out about you guys; your products are literally helping us realize our dream of independence and buying groceries & paying bills without week to week financial worry and we are happy to clue in others like us; Your Wonderful products are worth their weight in Gold!!!

Phoebe B.


I Have Already Recommended You To My Sister

To fellow candle makers, I recently purchased a wax melter from Wax Melters/Professional Candle Making Equipment and it has been a great experience! I found the item I wanted to purchase on-line and ordered! Their customer service was fabulous before, during and after my purchase. They helped me with my purchase step by step! When my wax melter came it was it perfect condition and we set it up with little fuss. The ultimate joy was when I went to pour candles and the wax was exactly the right temperature and I had 80 pounds of hot wax at my immediate disposal! It was a joy to not have to wait for my wax to heat and to have the convenience of being able to simple open the spout and pour was phenomenal. WaxMelters also helped me to find the resources I needed locally to purchase wax and other candle making supplies. That service went above and beyond her call of duty and she did so cheerfully and easily! I highly recommend this company for their outstanding customer service. Very truly yours, Kim

Kim S.


Produced 300 Candles in LESS than HALF the Time!

To Everyone at WaxMelters, I just want to THANK YOU for making my job easier. With the new melter I was able to produce 300 candles in less than half the time it used to take, and I no longer need to worry about the soy wax getting too hot. I AM SO HAPPY!!!!I also wanted to mention how professional,courteous and helpful that Dani has been. I will be the first to tell you that I was apprehensive, but she allied my concerns and now I'm looking forward to buying another melter in the future. Once again, THANK ALL OF YOU!!!

Donna R. Aurora Borealis Candles


AWESOME Products!

You guys keep making awesome products :) THANK YOU!

Brett H. Goldilocks Wraps

PX 3000

Thank You So Much For Your Charitable Donation!

John, Scott, and the rest of WaxMelters,

On behalf of the young adults of Scentsability, we want to thank you very much for your support and assistance in getting our donated machine up and running at no cost to us. We really appreciate the assistance which will directly benefit our young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We THANK YOU for your charitable donation and philanthropic support!

Bonnie S. & Michael M. Scentsability Candles


You Have Such AWESOME Customer Service!

Thank you very much for all your help! You have such awesome customer service, Thank you!

Chris H. Jordan Essentials



We have grown a lot in the recent past and we are actually in need of some more equipment! We purchased a Primo 150 lb wax melter and it's become a priceless piece in production and we need another one, maybe two.

Nichole L. Lockhart's Authentic Grooming Company


The PRIMO Melter is Working PERFECTLY!

Thank you so much. The Melter is working perfectly. Thank you so much for all you have done to assist me. You have been an anchor throughout this whole process. God Bless you & Have a wonderfully Blessed New Year.


Nicole P.



I own one of your oil melting pots—primo 250 and I love it!

Marcia H. Chasworth Farm LLC



We ordered a custom made dip tank wax melter from you this past spring and are very pleased with it.

Fr. Sergius Holy Ascension Monastery


PRIMO Wax Melter Works GREAT!

I have to admit that your melter works great and helps us to improve the quality of our high end waxes!

Gert C. Greenfrog Distribution LLC

PRIMO 350 (2)

GREAT Customer Service! The BEST Tanks!

Thank you for everything. I want to thank you and Suzanna for all your great customer service and for all the time you have spent with me. These Primo Tanks are truly the best tanks.

Nestor E. Rosy Rings


EXCELLENT Customer Service!

That is EXCELLENT customer service! THANK YOU!!!

Diego B. Cosmetix West

PRIMO 100 (2)

Melters are working PERFECTLY!

Thank you so much! The Melters are working PERFECTLY!!! Thank you so much for all you have done to assist me. GOD Bless You and have a wonderfully Bless New Year!

Nicole P.


You are as EFFICIENT as your MELTERS!

Thank you so much!

You are as efficient as your Melters!!! Many thanks!

Sarah Zonky Plonky/House of Mojo - AUSTRALIA


BEST Honey Decrystalizer!

We are using our Honey Decrystalizer waxmelter and everything is working great. Thank you for making the BEST HONEY DECRYSTALIZER!

Keesha R. Flowers Shining Everywhere/Living Libations - CANADA




I am currently using the Primo 50 wax melter which is a fantastic wax melter. There is no comparable melter in performance and quality. And now I started using your AutoShot dispensing system to fill my pomade containers directly from the melter. It is so much easier and faster! This melt and automatic pour set-up is the heart of our production which has tripled at a fraction of the cost. Thank you.




I love my Primo wax melter & it has really been an asset to my business.

Jamie T. Sweet Mana Natural Botanicals

PRIMO 1000

We found our Trusted Candle Equipment Vendor!

It was a pleasure working with you this past year and I look forward continuing our relationship in the new year.

Wishing you and your family a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy, Healthy and Fruitful New Year!

Thank you very much for your kind attention and support to our candle production. We are pleased to know we have found our Trusted Candle Equipment Vendor!



Produced 300 Candles in LESS than HALF the Time!

To Everyone at WaxMelters, I just want to THANK YOU for making my job easier. With the new melter I was able to produce 300 candles in less than half the time it used to take, and I no longer need to worry about the soy wax getting too hot. I AM SO HAPPY!!!!I also wanted to mention how professional,courteous and helpful that Dani has been. I will be the first to tell you that I was apprehensive, but she allied my concerns and now I'm looking forward to buying another melter in the future. Once again, THANK ALL OF YOU!!!

Donna R. Aurora Borealis Candles

PRIMO 150 & EZ-1 GPM


I have today received my equipment. I had an idea in mind what it would be like but I was very surprised when it arrived - the quality of the equipment and packaging was really first class I would just like to complement your team Scott, Anthony, Micah, and of course your engineers thank you once again.

Paul B.



PRIMO Tanks are Professional!

Just wanted to say...THANK YOU!

Received my melter today! Super excited! Just plugged it in and, wow, what a PROFESSIONAL Wax Melter! I am IMPRESSED!


PX 3000

PX 3000 - AMAZING Machine!

John, Scott, and the rest of WaxMelters,

Thank you very much for your support and assistance in getting our amazing machine up and running. We really appreciate the assistance!

Michael M. Scensability Candles



Thank you for your great customer service and fantastic equipment. There is NO comparison!

Keith B. Fox & Ivy



Used one machine this evening...LOVE IT! Will fire-up both tomorrow and make soap like crazy...Getting into the holiday spirit!

Cookie T. Bay Lavender


Still Using PRIMO Wax Melting Tank for 15 Years!

Yes we are going very well thank you! we still use our machine to make our melt and pour shampoos for our small business www.lockstockapparel.com which has been going for about 15 years now

Bonn Lock, Stock, & Apparel - AUSTRALIA

PX 3000

WaxMelters - You're the BEST!!!

WaxMelters, You're the BEST!!! Thanks a million

Faith S. Simply By Faith - CANADA

PRIMO 150 (2)

VERY HAPPY with my Two Melters!

Everything is going well Joy, thank you for reaching out. I am very happy with my two melters :)

Holly S. Milk Jar Candle Company - Calgary, Alberta, CANADA


My Business is Expanding!

Thank you so much for helping me expand by business! I could not keep up with my demand without this work horse of a melter!

Bobbie P.

PX 3000

GREAT Selection and Options! EXCELLENT Website!

I have to say you guys have a great selection of products and options and an excellent website! The PX3000 has all the features we were looking for and more! Cheers, Wayne


PRIMO150, EZ-1 GPM, & Stainless Steel Cart

Awesome Equipment!

I received the new nozzle [for my EZ-1 GPM] and easily hooked it all up.

It is awesome! Thank you so much!

Kim A.

Austen Press

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