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Demonstration Videos Of Our Candle Pouring Systems In Action:

As Seen at...

The National Candle Association Trade Show & Convention:

We're confident that once you see how great our systems work, you'll super-charge your candle production today!
Four Valved, Automated Candle Wax Pouring System
The Pour X-Press 3000:
"The Complete Candle Making Machine on Wheels"
The Pour X-Press 4500:
"The Complete Candle Making Machine on Wheels"
EZ-FLO 1200:
Candle Wax Pouring System- Semi-Automated Candle Container Filling
Candle Wax Pouring System
EZ-Pour 2400:
Candle Wax Pouring System- Vertical, Semi-Automated Candle Container Filler
Pour X-Press 2000:
Candle Pouring Machine
AutoShot3000 With Conveyor
WaxHand Machine:
Complete Wax Hand Making Machine
*DISCLAIMER: All videos, demonstrations and flow rates shown may vary based on viscosity of wax being dispensed, user proficiency, amount of wax being dispensed, melter attachments like using a 90 degree nozzle, operating conditions, operating without sufficient electricity or electrical current, operating prior to materials being fully melted, and so on.

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