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Wax Melter Wax Loading Chute

Load Wax Blocks, Wax Bricks, Wax Bars, Wax Pellets & More!

Candle Wax Loading To Fill Wax MelterWax Filling Device To Fill Melting Tank

Wax Melter Loading Device For Putting Wax Into Melter

Easy To Open OutsideInternal Hinged, Swinging Wall Keeps Heat Inside Tank While Outside Chute OpenSimply Slide Wax Down & No Worrying About Splashing

Wax Loading Chute Is Made To Order Based On 
  1. Size of Your Tank
  2. The Size of Wax You Are Loading
  3. How Wax Is Being Loaded: Hand, Scooper, Sack, Shovel, Lift, Etc...

Save Time & Improve Your Production Today:
Just Add To Your Order As an Option & It Will Be Made For The Melting Tank You Order!

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