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Unheated Pour X-Press Systems For Fast & Easy Pouring

  • Automatic On & Off Filling! No Triggers or Buttons To Press.
  • Precisely Measured Pouring For Uniformity.
  • No Splashing, Bubbles or Dripping.
  • Smart, Efficient Design for 1 Person Operation & Mobility.
Unheated Pour X-Press 2000 -The Pouring Combo:
Save Time & Money - Order Your Melter & Dispenser Together
  • Pick Your PRIMO Tank Size.
  • Pick Your Automated Unheated AutoShot Filling System.
  • Save Time & Money with The Combo and get your heavy duty portable cart for FREE.
Unheated Pour X-Press 3000, 4500 & 9000 Pouring Combo Machines:
Complete Pumping Machine with "Just Set It... Forget It" Technology
  • No Triggers or Buttons To Press!
  • Precisely Measured, Automated "On" & "Off" Dispensing
  • Ideal for controlled, fast filling without drips or bubbles
  • 100% Stainless Steel portable cart with built in controls, featuring the Fastest, Digitally Controlled and Energy Efficient System.
Unheated Pour X-Press Systems In Stock & Ready To Ship

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