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Wax Pumping, Wax Transfer System

Wax Transfer Systems are the fastest, safest way to transfer heated wax from large melting tanks to smaller melters without moving any melter.

Imagine not having to lift heavy melters, containers or lifting pouring pitchers again. You would never have to walk from table to table with potentially dangerous heavy containers of hot waxes, worrying about accidents, spills and clean up.

Can Be Made Up To 30 Feet Long!

WaxMelters is the company professional candle makers trust for their candle equipment purchases- Here is why the EZ-T Heated Wax Transfer System is right for your candle making needs:

  • Fast 3-5 Gallon Per Minute Transfer Rate: Instead of pushing or carrying smaller melters to your large base tanks or using pouring pitchers, you bring the portable heated valve right to your containers.
  • Constant Heating Makes Sure System is always ready!
  • Save Money:Pouring more candles in less time with less employees and waste while using your existing melting tanks.
  • One Person Operation: Quickly and easily bring your heated hose to your smaller containers, so no more worrying about extra employees.
  • Superior Hose Interior: Smooth Bore TeflonŽ heated hose is protected with stainless steel overbraid and is 50% thicker than any competitors to provide faster flow with chemical, contamination and deterioration resistant.
  • Digital Temperature Controller: For precise heating from 0° to 212° F/ 100 ° C.
  • Just pour your new candle wax through the system to clean.
  • Reliable, Long-Lasting, Battle-Tested: Professional candle makers buy their candle making equipment from WaxMelters because our Candle Pouring Systems have been helping professional candle makers save time and money while increasing production in the most challenging and demanding situations. Our systems perform when you need them most.
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EZ-T 1200 Heated Wax Transfer Equipment.
EZ-T 1200 Wax Transfer System
Price: $1,995.00

This 8' Heated Wax Transfer System is the fastest, safest way to transfer your heated waxes from large melting tanks to small
Rapidly Transfers Heated Fluids Between Containers
Can be Made Up to 30 feet Long!
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