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The Fastest, Safest Way To Transfer Heated Wax Without Moving A Melter

Avoid Accidents & Spills By Not Lifting Heavy Melters & Containers.
  • You Bring The Portable Heated Valve Right To Your Containers.
  • Can Be Up To 50 Ft/15 M Long
  • Pumps Up To 7 Gallons/26L Fast
  • Instead of pushing or carrying smaller melters to your large base tanks or using pouring pitchers.
  • All Systems Work great with all types of waxes up to 212f/100C, as well as our specialized systems for high-temperature waxes, gels, resins and microcrystalline waxes (up to 300F/148C ) & High-Viscosity waxes used for casting, molding and gels.
  • Connects directly to any existing melting tank valve.
Most Filling Systems In Stock & Ready to Ship

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