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The industrialiazation of the manufacturing process for producing and creating candles was a significant achievement.Inventor Joseph Morgan’s first candle making machine in the 1830’s helped launch the modern-day candle making industry with mainstream candle equipment, candle making equipment, candle manufacturing with industrial candle making machinery and candle making equipment.

However, unlike a box of cereal, people desired the handcrafted quality of candles much like people desire handcrafted soap, art, shoes and other products.

That is when several companies were formed to address this need for candle making equipment which would allow companies to manufacture candles while retaining the handcrafted candle, hand-made candle, hand poured candle look and feel.In short time, the leader of this industry for candle equipment machines and systems for manufacturing was CES, Inc. (Candle Equipment and Sales) which is now today known as Melting and Filling Equipment, Inc. DBA Waxmelters.

One of the most important advances is the customization of melting tanks to the candle making and wax melting industries. All WaxMelters melting tanks have an exclusive proprietary inner surface which is polished, non-reactive, non-porous and corrosion resistant for better quality candle making, fast color and scent changes without color and scent cross-contamination and easy clean up. Melting Tanks Are Generally Classified as either Direct Heating and Water Jacket Heating. Direct Heat Melters are generally made from aluminum and can heat up to over 500 degree F., but WaxMelters candle wax melters only heat to a maximum of 300 degrees. The heating element is directly on the aluminum which is directly against the substance to be melted. Hence the name direct melter. Water Jacket Melters function more like a large, commercial double boiler and keep substances evenly heated. They can be made of aluminum, but are generally made of stainless steel. WaxMelters will again be revolutionizing the industry in 2008 with the development of the Primo Melter, the most unique and advance melting tank ever designed.

Waxmelters and Waxmelters.com revolutionized the candle making equipment industry in Seven significant ways:

  1. Waxmelters is the first mainstream wholesaler of candle making equipment designed exclusively for professional candle makers and candle making businesses and companies. WaxMelters melting tank and heating pots are the only ones designed just for melting and heating candle waxes, organic and inorganic, refined and semi-refined, petroleum, animal, vegetable and synthetic based waxes, including Paraffin Wax, Soy Wax, Vegetable Wax, Palm Wax, Beeswax, Bayberry Wax and more.
  2. Waxmelters is the first company to successfully develop a candle making system which can be attached to your existing melting tanks.Not including custom candle pouring systems, WaxMelters offers 5 candle pouring systems that attach directly to existing melt tanks: 1) EZ-G Gravity Candle Pouring System 2) EZ-1 GPM Wax Dispensing System 3) EZFLO 1200 Wax Dispensing System 4) EZ POUR 2400 Candle Pouring System 5) AutoShot 3000 Precision Candle Pouring System.
  3. Waxmelters was the first company to pioneer and develop affordable handheld candle making equipment with the original EZ-1 Wax Dispensing System, which now goes by the name EZ1, EZ-1, EZ-Wax, EZWAX. The newest edition is the EZ-1 GPM making system which has now developed into the EZFLO candle making systems and Autoshot automated candle making machine.
  4. Waxmelters was the first to pioneer an affordable, fully automated candle making machine called the Autoshot which used compressors to pour perfectly timed amounts of wax for candle making.As a result of technological developments in microchip technology, German engineering and the heating and insulation industries, the newest Edition called the AutoShot 3000 Precision Candle Pouring System is 100% electronic and can be used manually or automatically with repeat “On” and “Off” filling.
  5. Waxmelters is the first company to develop an affordable, 100% electronic candle making machine which is fully automated on a cycled flow for “On” and “Off” filling.
  6. Waxmelters is the pioneer in on-line wholesaling of candle equipment and candle making equipment.
  7. By moving to an on-line, direct distribution channel for its products, Waxmelters was able to eliminate sales agents to sell candle making equipment directly to the public.
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