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Hobby Candle Making Melting tanks and hobby candle making pots for start-up candle making, candle hobbyists and candle making hobbies. 
"It's Really Spectacular... It Took About 6 Minutes... To Melt Completely"
I had seen and used homemade soap/wax melters before, made of "presto pots" and some fittings from Home Depot, but had never used one of these professional pieces of equipment.
It's really spectacular.... I made three batches... each with different colors and scents, in about 25 minutes. I could have easily done double that amount with just a little bit more time.

This is a great, superbly made piece of professional equipment.
David Fisher, About.com Guide to Candle & Soap

"Awesome Company!" 
Not long ago I started a candle company and quickly realized that I was going to need a "grown up" melter to meet demand. After a ton of research I bought a PRIMO melter from Waxmelters. I was a little nervous about using it, because it is a serious piece of equipment. It took about five minutes to figure it out, and I was using it to make large batches of candles immediately. This melter is a great piece of equipment and worth every cent I paid. It doesn't just stop at the equipment though; I had some newbie questions as time went on and I was producing more product. I have contacted the company two or three times to have my questions answered, and was never once treated like my questions were unreasonable. Each time I contacted them, I spoke with someone who knew the answer to my questions right off the bat, and I was always given a friendly, detailed, extremely well-informed response. Today I spoke with someone in sales named Dani, and she was wonderful. She knew the product inside and out and provided me with intelligent and helpful assistance. I have never dealt with a company like this before, and I wish I knew more chandlers so I could tell them about it. I won't deal with any other company for my melter needs again. Awesome company! 
Tamsin Holland, Molly Dove Candles


Presto Pot Candle Melter
Stove Top Candle Melter 


PRIMO 25 Hobby Candle Making Melter

Presto Pot Candle MelterCandle Making on Stove with Double Boiling


Hobby Candle Making Pot- PRIMO 30 Hobby Candle Maker

Maximum of 6 Quarts
About 1200 Watts
Inaccurate Temperature Control
14 Quarts
300 Watts
Digital Temperature Control
Large open filling areas, durable stainless steel construction, 1" valve.
Hobby candle making melters should be safe & energy efficient: Candle wax is flammable, combustible and deadly if flash points are reached. All it takes is a little mistake or distraction (someone at your door, phone ringing, children screaming) and your Presto pot or stove top pot will reach the flash point. Besides ruining your batch, it may combust and cause a fire. Hobby candle making melting tanks like PRIMO Melters have safety features built in and evenly, accurately heat and melt your candle wax much safer and better and without the electricity-gas consumption.
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