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Beekeeping Just Got Easier!

The BeeKeeping Industry's Only Environmentally friendly, energy efficient, socially conscious Honey Bottling & Beeswax Melting Tanks
with PRIMO
Eco-Friendly Tech

Honey Bottling & Honey Storage Tanks

Eco-Friendly Melting Tanks are Good for Your Wallet...
Even Better for Your Bees!
200 LB Water Jacketed Melter = 1750 Watt Heating Element
PRIMO 200 LB Beeswax Melter = 800 Watts of Heating Element!
And PRIMOs are 2-3X Faster Than Water Jacketed Melters

Honey Bottling & Storage Tanks Automatically Decrystallize Honey, Even if Honey Has Been Dormant For Many Years.

Honey Bottling & Honey Storage Tanks
Honey Bottling & Storage Tanks Are Digitally Controlled, Stainless Steel Inside & Insulated For Safe, Energy Efficient Even Heating. BeeKeepers, Apiarists & Honey Farmers Use Honey Bottling & Storage Tanks to Produce 100s of Jars an Hour & Also To Store Honey For Later Bottling Since These Tanks Automatically Decrystallize Honey That Has Been Dormant For Long Periods! Plus, Honey Bottling Melters Are Used As Beeswax Candle Making Melting Tanks, Beeswax Cosmetic Melting Tanks, Beeswax Wood Polish Melters, Beeswax Lip Balm Melter, & Beeswax Modeling Heating Tanks. Bonus: Come Standard with SNAP Wax Filter!
 The Most Energy Efficient, Even Heating Beekeeping Tanks
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Heated Honey Storage Tank 14 Gallons Heated Honey Storage Tank 14

14 Gallon Stainless Steel HEATED Honey Storage Tank is food grade storage tank with stainless steel cover.

Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
Price: $1,295.00
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