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Instructional Videos For Operating Our Candle Making Systems:

Instructional Videos for operating WaxMelters' candle wax melting tanks, candle wax melters, candle making equipment and candle wax pouring machines and systems.
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Control Box For Candle Wax Pouring Systems
WaxMelters Control Box is the master control box for heating the system and operating the thermopump
Digital Temperature Control For Candle Wax Pouring Systems
WaxMelters Digital Temperature control is a state-of-the-art LCD temperature controller for precise, accurate temperature control of our wax pouring systems
Candle Wax Pouring Systems with Digital Timer Control
WaxMelters Digital Timer Control is a state-of-the-art controller for fast and precise pouring control of our wax pouring systems
Primo Candle Wax Melting Tank
WaxMelters Primo Modified Direct Melting Tank is the Candle Industry's Fastest, most even Heating, energy efficient, digital modified direct heat melter
*DISCLAIMER: All videos and demonstrations may vary depending on user proficiency, operating conditions, operating without sufficient electricity or electrical current, and so on.