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Pour X-Press Systems For Fast & Easy Gel Candle Making

Gel Candle Makers have special needs since gel candles are primarily made from mineral oil and special polymer resins, which are perfectly melted and heated and poured with the Xtreme Family of Melters & Fillers.
  • Fast, Safe & Precise Melting Of All Gels Without Hot Spots, Burning or Air Bubbles.
  • 100% US Steel Free From Mercury, Lead & Radiation.
  • Round Inner Surface is High-Grade, US 304 Stainless Steel with #4 Finish so it is easy to clean, rust proof, and provides years of service.
  • WATERLESS - No Replacement Heaters or Water Needed. All Tanks have Permanent Heating Elements.
  • Double-Walled & Fully Insulated Melting Tank Keeps Melter Hot Inside And Cool Outside.
  • Includes Stainless Steel Lid, 1" (2.54cm) Brass Ball Valve and Heated Spout/Valve For Clog Free Operation.
  • 1 Year Warranty & Fantastic Customer Service On All Wax Melters.

Pour X-Press X-Treme 2000 -The Gel Candle Making Combo:

Save Time & Money - Order Your Wax Melter & Wax Dispenser Together
  • Pick Your PRIMO X-Treme Melter Size
  • Pick Your Automated AutoShot Gel Candle Wax Filling System
  • Save Time & Money with a Candle Making Combo and get your heavy duty portable cart for FREE.
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