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Beekeeping Just Got Easier!

The BeeKeeping Industry's Only Environmentally friendly, energy efficient, socially conscious Honey Bottling & Beeswax Melting Tanks
with PRIMO
Eco-Friendly Tech

Beeswax Liquefiers & Beeswax Melting Tanks

Eco-Friendly Melting Tanks are Good for Your Wallet...
Even Better for Your Bees!
200 LB Water Jacketed Melter = 1750 Watt Heating Element
PRIMO 200 LB Beeswax Melter = 800 Watts of Heating Element!
And PRIMOs are 2-3X Faster Than Water Jacketed Melters

Beeswax Liquefiers & Melting Tanks Feature 2 Valves For Easy Separation & Can Be Used As Honey Bottling Tanks!
Beeswax Liquefiers & Melting Tanks
Beeswax Liquefiers & Melting Tanks Are Digitally Controlled, Stainless Steel Inside & Insulated For Safe, Energy Efficient Even Heating. BeeKeepers, Apiarists & Honey Farmers Love Beeswax Liquifiers & Melting Tanks' Dual Valve System For Easy Beeswax Cleaning, Easy Beeswax Separation for Making & Processing Beeswax for Beeswax Candles, Beeswax Cosmetics, Beeswax Wood Polish, Beeswax Modeling. Plus They Can Be Used As Honey Bottling Tanks & Honey Decrystallizers! Bonus: Come Standard with SNAP Wax Filter!

  The Fastest, Even Heating, Energy Efficient Beekeeping Tanks

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