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Candle making has never been faster & easier than with these multi-headed, candle making systems.

With our affordable systems, you owe it to yourself & your business more than ever to change for the better... Invest in a system today & let technology make your life easier!


  1. Simple, Fast, Versatile & Easy To Use
  2. Precisely Measured Pouring So All Candles Identical
  3. QUATTRO (4) or OCTO (8) Digitally Controlled Valves
  4. Works With Any Existing Melter: QUATTRO & OCTO have heated pump with a 24 heated, flexible hose to attach to multiple tanks for several production runs.
  5. Your Tanks Never Move: Just connect the pump to your melter and the 24 heated, stainless steel braided smooth bore Teflon hose pumps your heated wax to the multi-headed filling system.
  6. Fast, Easy Set-up: Just connect the pump to your melter and set the fills.
  7. Self-Cleaning With Minimal Waste: Completely heated smooth bore Teflon and stainless steel unit almost cleans itself- after you finish a run and connect it to another tank, any residual wax will be poured out so minimal waste.
  8. Fits Over Any Conveyor: Assembly can accommodate any width and adjustable frame easily adjusts height for your pouring.
  9. Completely Heated: The entire multiple headed candle wax dispensing system is completely heated, from the stainless steel wax pump, to the stainless steel braided Teflon hose, to the Filling Head and each individual nozzle.
  10. Photoelectric Sensor (Optional) to initiate pouring cycle for conveyors.

QUATTRO Multiple Head Candle Making System Video

OCTO Multiple Headed Candle Making System Video

All Units Ship In 2-4 Weeks!
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Autoshot Quattro Precision Candle Pouring System.
QUATTRO- 4 Headed Automated Wax Filling Machine
7-14 Days Depending On Customization. All Sales Final.
Price: $24,995.00
In Stock

QUATTRO Automated, 4 Headed Wax Filling Machine
4 Headed, Automated Wax Filling Machine for 1/8oz to 60oz
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OCTO Multiple Head Candle Wax Pouring System
OCTO - 8 Valved Automated Wax Dispensing Machine
7-21 Business Days Depending On Customization.
All Sales Final.
Price: $39,995.00
In Stock

OCTO Automated, 8 Headed Wax Dispensing Machine
8 Headed, Automated Wax Dispensing Machine for 1/8oz to 60oz
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